Deal or no deal?

21 Mar 24

Deal or no deal?In 2023, the answer was often ‘deal’!Over US$ 84 billion worth of deals were closed in the global pharmaceutical industry last year, and it is interesting to note that some key themes and driving factors emerge when you examine these transactions more closely.There is no ...

Candesic examines the phenomenon of synthetic human embryos

23 Oct 23

Dr Leonid Shapiro, managing partner at Candesic, and Dr Joe Taylor, principal at Candesic, examine the phenomenon of synthetic human embryos in the latest PharmaTimes Media Ltd.

Candesic`s Dr Joe Taylor and Dr Leonid Shapiro published in the latest PharmaTimes

20 Sep 23

Candesic`s Dr Joe Taylor and Dr Leonid Shapiro discuss in PharmaTimes the significant opportunities, and the challenges, in the use of AI for drug discovery. As we continue to discover the potential of this powerful form of research, it is crucial to ensure correct safeguards.

Obesity treatment and the rise of the GLP-1 agonist

17 Aug 23

Candesic partner Dr Michelle Tempest and Dr Bharadwaj Chada feature on the new HealthcareMarkets UK issue. Our team investigates the rising trend of weight loss drugs, its implications, and how they work together with a growing offer of personalised weight management tools. With a prediction of ...

Live biotherapeutic products

12 Oct 22

The Boom in Bacteria!Candesic breaks down the newest potential addition to the blockbuster biologics market- live biotherapeutic products. Michelle Tempest and Isabel Brooks deep dive into how our body’s bacteria have inspired a new class of drug and investments for Pharma, PE and VC.Thanks ...

Pharma pricing under pressure

17 Mar 19

Sarah Neville in today's FT: AstraZeneca is mounting a big push into digital technologies, which includes hiring a former Nasa artificial intelligence expert Richard Dearden. The price of a product will depend on the total cost of treatment and disease, which requires in turn, real-world ...

Can pharma innovate like a tech giant?

1 Nov 18

When it comes to digital disruption in healthcare, oncology, perhaps more than any other specialty, is changing the most. Dr Michelle Tempest and Roma Dixit discuss how big pharma is following in the footsteps of tech giants to harness the revolutionary benefits of digital. 

Disruption has arrived for ‘big pharma’

21 Dec 17

Candesic's Dr Niklas Jahn and Dr Michelle Tempest suggest a silver lining for investors in the drug discovery and biotech space.

Immunotherapy: A new weapon against cancer

1 Jun 15

Candesic's Dr Robert Watson and Dr Michelle Tempest discuss medical advances in cancer treatment. They explain medical terminology and how investment is vital in the global cancer race.