Is Candesic right for you?

What We Look For and What We Offer

We have ambitious growth plans and we are always keen on growing our team with talented individuals. Whether you are a student looking for an internship, a graduate looking for a first job, a medic looking to transition to the business world, or a seasoned professional looking for a new challenge, we offer a unique career opportunity in an intellectually stimulating and fast-paced environment. We would like to hear from you if you have:

  • Interest in healthcare
  • Rigorous approach to problem solving
  • Able to communicate complex issues in simple terms

It is also critical that we share the same values which for us are:

  • Excellence: Quality work output and advice are expected by our clients. Analytical rigour, accuracy and depth fuel our work.
  • Initiative: We aim to go beyond what is expected from us, be curious and proactively raise and execute ideas and solutions.
  • Collaboration: Teamwork is key. Diverse skills and thinking are reflected in our medicine, science, and business backgrounds.
  • Inclusivity: We are an equal opportunity employer who values diversity and inclusion as drivers of business and societal success.
  • Passion: Our work is driven by the belief that it helps to achieve better outcomes for healthcare patients and practitioners.

For students starting your careers, we offer internship opportunities throughout the year to accommodate individual circumstances:

  • 3-4 weeks for doctors to get a feel for the consulting world during your time off
  • 1-2 months during the summer break for university students with a background in healthcare
  • 3-9 months longer term internships as part of studies or prospecting career changes

For graduates, we offer an attractive analyst career path that we hope will be the beginning of a long career with us in consulting. You will initially be supported with significant training, development and mentorship to ensure you have the right tools and support to succeed with us. This training continues during your career and is tailored to different levels.

For medics, ideally having completed FY2, a career with us allows you to leverage your practical experience and knowledge while expanding your toolkit into practical and actionable business advise. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to expand into other areas of healthcare and lifesciences, Over the years, we have built a successful track record for such transitions.

If you are an experienced professional with a track-record in consulting and you are looking for a new opportunity, we are always keen to get to know you and explore open roles. As we cover a wide range of consulting services, experience in most areas of consulting is relevant to us. Many of our senior consultants started their careers at other firms and have built Candesic into what it is today.

Our ongoing training and development, and career progression path, will develop you into a well-rounded consulting professional. Should you decide to change path in the future, the attractive positions that our alumni have gone to in the corporate and investment world are a testament to the strength of the experience we provide

Our stories

Zeynep Kubac

Senior Analyst
Zeynep earned her bachelor's degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering from Koc University in Istanbul. Subsequently, she pursued a master's degree in Advanced Chemical Engineering with Biotechnology at Imperial College London.
"After gaining a comprehensive understanding of biotechnology concepts, I sought an opportunity to apply my knowledge in a business context, and Candesic proved to be the ideal fit.

Specializing in healthcare and lifesciences, Candesic engages in diverse projects that have allowed me to explore critical business aspects within these industries. The collaborative work environment at Candesic fosters personal growth, providing a dynamic setting where teamwork is essential to delivering projects within tight timelines. This has honed my skills in prioritization, effective communication, and working under pressure. I feel well-supported by both my managers and colleagues.

I highly recommend Candesic to anyone interested in these industries, as it offers the chance to pursue your passion while making a meaningful impact by contributing to the growth and development of companies in the healthcare and lifesciences sectors."

Dr Iham Kasem

Iham completed his medical degree at the University of Cambridge in addition to obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Medical and Natural Sciences from the same university.
"While working as a junior doctor, I decided to explore a career in business. I came across Candesic and its excellent reputation in strategy, growth, and commercial due diligence consulting.

I started with an internship and had the privilege to work on a major project with a diverse team, including those with medical, scientific, or business backgrounds. Upon completing my internship, the decision to transition to a full-time Analyst role at Candesic was natural and straightforward. The boutique nature of Candesic and its commitment to delivering excellent outcomes are evident on a daily basis. The team gets along very well, fostering a real sense of camaraderie. I’ve found everyone to be incredibly supportive and willing to help since joining the firm.

Candesic has proven to be a great place to work, and the environment encourages personal development. The opportunities to learn from my colleagues and to lead my own pieces of work have been excellent. I would strongly encourage anyone considering applying to go for it!"

Our recruiting process

  • We seek candidates with educational backgrounds in medicine, STEM and/or business and who have a demonstrated outstanding academic track record. We also look for a proven interest in business / consulting, either through previous work experience or through participation in relevant extra-curricular activities

  • The objective of this meeting is to better assess your interpersonal skills, motivation, and career goals. This meeting is also an opportunity for you to ask questions about us, our interview process and any questions you may have about the role you are applying to

  • The multiple-choice test over Teams is meant to test your logic, reasoning and analytical skills. No preparation is needed

  • You will be interviewed by an Associate of our team who will present you a specific company situation and ask you for your views on how you would address the situation (e.g. what data you would use, how do you analyse that data, your output). We will assess your problem-solving and logic/analytical skills, as well as your oral communication abilities

  • We will provide you with background information on a specific company situation and we’ll ask you to produce a 5-7 slide document to support your oral presentation / Q&A. We normally allow for ca 5 days to prepare and ask you to submit your document 1 day before the presentation/interview. You will be presenting to a Manager of our team who will assess your reasoning and logic, information gathering and analysis capabilities, as well as your written and oral communication skills

  • In certain cases, we may ask you to have a final conversation with a Partner or our COO to add another perspective to your candidacy. This interview will primarily focus on your interpersonal skills and motivation, as well as being another opportunity for you to ask questions you may have

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