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Results of the NHS Staff Survey 2023

11 March 2024

What did you make of the results of the NHS Staff Survey 2023, which was published at the end of last week? You can read more about it below.

We’re still taking it in, but the charts make interesting reading, and the site linked above has an interactive dashboard where you can view how respondents replied. Over 87% of those surveyed said they felt their role makes a difference to patients, while 75% said care of patients was their organisation’s top priority.

Around 61% would recommend their organisation as a place to work – and around 65% said if a friend or relative needed treatment, they would be happy with the standard of care provided (down from over 71% in 2019).

Around 56% of staff felt their organisation acts fairly about career progression or promotion.

The results for morale – and those thinking about leaving the profession – also make for interesting reading (see attached chart). Over 29% of staff said they often think about leaving. Over 21% said they will probably look for a job at a new organisation in the next 12 months. And over 15% said they would leave their organisation as soon as they found another job. Click the link above to see trends here.

Click here to see all results: Results | Working to improve NHS staff experiences | NHS Staff Survey (

Results for the 2023 NHS Staff Survey for bank-only workers (NSSB) will be released in April.

NHS Employers will be discussing the findings from the 2023 NHS Staff Survey in a webinar on Wednesday, March 13. See here for more: NHS Staff Survey 2023: results and analysis | NHS Employers