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Dr Michelle Tempest as a speaker at Stifel: AI Everywhere event

17 May 2023

Stifel & OMMAX brought together some of Europe’s best-known high-growth company leaders to discuss the opportunities and challenges of AI. Candesic partner Dr Michelle Tempest joined the insightful discussion on how AI is being adopted in Healthcare. The event was moderated by David Vignon alongside: Nawal Roy (CEO & Founder at Holmusk), Dan Vahdat (CEO & Founder at Huma) and Philippe Salah (CEO at DentalMonitoring).

A variety of AI-related topics were also discussed during the event, including enterprise risk management, real-world applications, and the exciting new realm of human-to-human interaction enabled by AI.

The brilliant speakers included: Martina King (CEO at Featurespace), Tom Griffin (Director & Co-Founder at Ripjar), Anurag Malik (President & Chief Technology Officer at ContractPodAi), Oliver Bendig (CEO at STP), Ed Beckett (CSO at Peak), Ivan Mazour (CEO & Founder of Ometria), Darko Matovski (CEO & Co-Founder at causaLens), Volker Smith (CEO a Acrolinxt), Vasco Pedro (CEO & Co-Founder at Unbabel), Nikola Mrksic (CEO & Co-Founder at PolyAI), Gerd Janiszewski (CEO at Sematell), Klaus Harisch (CEO & Founder at yoummday.