Since 2002, we have conducted over 700 consulting engagements
for leading corporates, investors and public organisations

Consistently recognised by clients, media and sector
experts for thought leadership and product excellence

We provide independent, rigorous and actionable
advice to our clients to support their vision

CEO level clarity with R&D level insights

For over 20 years, Candesic has led industry thinking and brought unrivalled expertise to client issues. Our team of about 40 professionals combines deep medical, science, business and technology expertise. While we serve clients across multiple sectors and geographies, our objective remains a constant; to provide CEO level clarity with R&D level insight. Our team stands for our core values of integrity, excellence, initiative, collaboration, passion and inclusivity.



Public Sector

What we do

Private equity firms, banks, operators, and the NHS rely on us for commercial due diligence advice. We help clients buy, sell, and refinance businesses across a variety of sectors. Our name is well known among lending banks and our reports are regularly used to raise debt and to support refinancing. Private equity firms rely upon us to help them acquire businesses as well as prepare businesses for sale. Property investors rely upon us to give them comfort in the businesses underlying their investment and confidence these businesses will meet rent payments.

Our Clients

ArdianApax PartnersBain CapitalBlackstone GroupCinvenGeneral AtlanticLiving BridgeOaktreeEquistonePAI PartnersSagard CapitalTerra FirmaCD&RKKRNordic CapitalCharterhousePartners GroupBC PartnersMontaguAdventPhoenixHgCapitalSilverfleetExponentSovereignGraphite CapitalAugustLyceum CapitalBowmark

What we do

Deep sector expertise and a decade of working with operators has given us insights into what makes our clients successful. We help clients grow their business and decide what services to offer in which geographies, benchmark performance, streamline operations, reorganise management and divisional structure, and re-invent how they deliver value to the marketplace.

Our Clients

BootsBUPAAstra ZenecaProcter & GambleCircleSpire HealthcareBNP ParibasMerrill LynchFour SeasonsAmbeaHCOneBarchesterAttendoVoyage CareLifewaysNFAAcornHesleyPrioryElysiumActive AssistancMediqCelesioAlliance BootsDechraGHDPhadiaConvaTecBSNFishawackEnvisionConcordiaXendoSERBAllocate

What we do

Public sector organisations rely upon Candesic for quality advice and as an alternative to large incumbent consultancies. The Department of Health, Guys and St Thomas’, many Foundation Trusts, College of Emergency Medicine, and health ministers have chosen Candesic to provide quality advice. We have many consultants who have worked in the NHS and know first-hand the challenges facing NHS organisations. We are thus able to find practical solutions to instil innovative change in both public and private spheres.

Our Clients

Dept of HealthNHSCambs Univ HospUniv Hosp S ManRCEMCambridgeshireGSTTEast KentRoyal BromptonLucid

  • ArdianArdian
  • Apax PartnersApax Partners
  • Bain CapitalBain Capital
  • Blackstone GroupBlackstone Group
  • CinvenCinven
  • General AtlanticGeneral Atlantic
  • Living BridgeLiving Bridge
  • OaktreeOaktree
  • EquistoneEquistone
  • PAI PartnersPAI Partners
  • Sagard CapitalSagard Capital
  • Terra FirmaTerra Firma
  • BootsBoots
  • Astra ZenecaAstra Zeneca
  • Procter & GambleProcter & Gamble
  • CircleCircle
  • Spire HealthcareSpire Healthcare
  • BNP ParibasBNP Paribas
  • Merrill LynchMerrill Lynch
  • Dept of HealthDept of Health
  • Cambs Univ HospCambs Univ Hosp
  • Univ Hosp S ManUniv Hosp S Man
  • ASI InnovationASI Innovation
  • KisimulKisimul
  • CambianCambian
  • Hesley GroupHesley Group
  • PrometheanPromethean
  • SogermaSogerma
  • HoneywellHoneywell
  • RafautRafaut
  • PhotonisPhotonis
  • OroliaOrolia
  • Peter's FoodPeter's Food
  • Gordon'sGordon's
  • CanderelCanderel
  • La Palette RougeLa Palette Rouge
  • Campus CompactCampus Compact
  • QI OptiqQI Optiq
  • YezzYezz
  • ClearW'reClearW're
  • AjinomotoAjinomoto
  • CofrutosCofrutos
  • CD&RCD&R
  • Nordic CapitalNordic Capital
  • CharterhouseCharterhouse
  • Partners GroupPartners Group
  • BC PartnersBC Partners
  • MontaguMontagu
  • AdventAdvent
  • PhoenixPhoenix
  • HgCapitalHgCapital
  • SilverfleetSilverfleet
  • ExponentExponent
  • SovereignSovereign
  • Graphite CapitalGraphite Capital
  • AugustAugust
  • Lyceum CapitalLyceum Capital
  • BowmarkBowmark
  • CambridgeshireCambridgeshire
  • East KentEast Kent
  • Royal BromptonRoyal Brompton
  • Four SeasonsFour Seasons
  • AmbeaAmbea
  • HCOneHCOne
  • BarchesterBarchester
  • AttendoAttendo
  • Voyage CareVoyage Care
  • LifewaysLifeways
  • AcornAcorn
  • HesleyHesley
  • PrioryPriory
  • ElysiumElysium
  • Active AssistancActive Assistanc
  • MediqMediq
  • CelesioCelesio
  • Alliance BootsAlliance Boots
  • DechraDechra
  • PhadiaPhadia
  • ConvaTecConvaTec
  • FishawackFishawack
  • EnvisionEnvision
  • ConcordiaConcordia
  • XendoXendo
  • LucidLucid
  • AllocateAllocate