Improving patient outcomes
together with operators
Realising the potential of
new medicines and treatments
Delivering deep insight to
complex corporate and investment decisions
Working with market leaders to advance
digital and technology innovation

CEO level clarity with R&D level insights

For over 20 years, Candesic has led industry thinking and brought unrivalled expertise to client issues. Our corporate mission is to improve care outcomes, and drive better and longer lives, by combining strategy with deep sector expertise. Our team of 40 professionals combines deep medical, science, business and technology expertise. While we serve clients across multiple sectors and geographies, our objective remains a constant; to provide CEO level clarity with R&D level insight. In our daily work we stand for our core values of excellence, initiative, collaboration, passion and inclusivity.

Candesic Insights

In conversation with Tony Veverka

4 Jun 24
He liked the company so much when he was CEO, he came back and bought it!The latest interview in our "Candesic in conversation with" series is with the multi-talented Tony Veverka from Y1 ...

In conversation with Tim Clover

21 May 24
The latest interview in our regular "Candesic in conversation with" series sees us chatting with Tim Clover, CEO of UK-based ophthalmology medical product specialist Rayner. In a wide-ranging ...

The UK FemTech powerhouse

15 Apr 24
The UK is poised to challenge the US as a powerhouse in FemTech, the burgeoning sector leveraging technology to address women’s health needs. This rapidly growing global market could be worth ...

Who we support

Corporates and Operators

Whether an early-stage startup or a global multinational, our broad range of consulting capabilities provides independent, detailed and actionable advice to corporate teams across our sectors of expertise. We work alongside C-level teams to develop overall market, product and operational strategies, as well as with divisional teams analysing the specific elements underlying such strategies. Our specialist areas include growth (product/service expansion, internationalisation, M&A), digital/technology innovation, product lifecycle, pricing, regulatory and stakeholder relations.
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We support investors across the entire life-cycle of an investment. From the initial commercial due diligence supporting the review of a potential  investment, to preparing the commercial vendor due diligence for an exit. In between, we provide ongoing support with initial 100-day plans and/or corporate work strategy, with particular focus on growth/M&A, in line with the services we provide to corporate clients. We also work with investors in supporting overall fund investment strategies by reviewing macro themes and sectors to drive specific investment ideas.
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Public Sector

Part of Candesic's mission is to help improve patient outcomes. Given the critical role of the public sector in providing healthcare services to patients, we are fully committed to support governments and public organisations in their work. Our team comprises medical doctors with first-hand experience in the specific dynamics and current challenges of the public sector, so is therefore well positioned to provide realistic and actionable advice. Our science and business expertise are also key components in our work alongside public organisations across countries.
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