Join us at Candesic! By Candesic Ltd

A guide for medical students and junior doctors interested in healthcare consulting internships has been shared by our intern Melissa Torkizadeh.

Melissa answers most asked questions about being a consulting intern and shares her experience during her time at Candesic.

She says: "During my internship at Candesic, I learnt more about the structure of the NHS, the various NHS trusts, ICBs and CCGs than I did in 6 years of medical school."

Candesic is a leading healthcare consulting firm. If you are interested in working with us:

- We offer internships to medical students who are interested in exploring the consulting world
- Consultant level- we regularly recruit medics either at Analyst level or as Experts

To apply please visit or send your CV & cover letter to [email protected].

If your profile suits, we will reach out to you!