Candesic scholarships! By Candesic Ltd

We remember the stress leading up to discovering if we had made it into medical school. We can only imagine what those who may have missed out this year are going through. We’re sorry it’s happened, and we want to help.

Exam results will only ever capture a fraction of any person’s ability, but this year’s A-Level grade lottery means that your results may be a particularly poor reflection of who you are and what you can achieve.

Candesic is offering at least two paid scholarships for the next year for exceptional candidates who weren’t awarded the grades they needed to get into medical school this time around.

Students at schools that haven’t done well in the past have likely been hardest hit by lower grades than they could have achieved in exams. Minority ethnic groups are overrepresented in poorly performing schools and, on average, teachers underestimate the grades of BAME candidates.

Candesic particularly welcomes Scholarship applicants from students with a BAME background and those who have attended schools that have historically performed less well in A-Level results.

Candesic Scholarships will be fulltime apprenticeships in healthcare and life sciences strategy. Your training and work will be guided by experienced professionals who have worked internationally to improve care delivery and understand how science can deliver better health.

Scholars will be expected to sit their A-Level exams when circumstances permit, and we will make sure you have the time and support from the Candesic team in achieving results that fairly reflect your effort and ability. If they choose, we expect Candesic Scholars to go on to be fantastic doctors with a better understanding of international healthcare because of their time with us.

The ‘good news’? There is an exam question!

Applicants are asked to submit a response to this question –

“Consider a medical intervention common today that by the 22nd century doctors will view to have been barbaric. What factors do you anticipate will result in this change of opinion?”

Where text is used, it should be no more than 2,000 words. Data, charts, diagrams and illustrative figures should be integral to your response. All formats of response will be considered, including videos, slide presentations, prose and poems.

Register here today and submit your responses via no later than six am on September 1st and we aim to contact all applicants to let them know the outcome by September 11th.

Dr Joe Taylor, Principal at Candesic, “Now more than ever we’re understanding the value of great doctors and scientists. We want to help passionate, smart and caring people get a fair chance to study medicine and become brilliant healthcare professionals.”

Dr Michelle Tempest, Partner at Candesic, “Our team is dedicated to making a positive change to health and wellbeing. Candesic Scholarships are another way for us to pay back to our fantastic NHS.”

Dr Leonid Shapiro, Managing Partner at Candesic, “Our Candesic team is committed to recognising talent and drive from all parts of our society. We look forward to welcoming our new Scholars and supporting their careers.”

Marc Kitten, Partner at Candesic, “Candesic has always fostered a learning environment, and we can’t wait to have our new scholars get involved in our training programmes.” 

Prof Stephen Smith, East Kent Hospitals NHS Trust Chair - “It’s time for us all to rally round and support students through this unprecedented time of uncertainty. I applaud Candesic for extending their support to young people whose ambition is to deliver healthcare within the NHS.”